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Innovative Children Ad

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Ad with secret anti-abuse message only visible to children

Luckiest young guy of the week

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Scooter Frontflip Fail

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Very cool trick ended with a broken leg

Classic: Angriest kid ever

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He definitely wants to play Unreal Tournament. The angry kid today  

Bike Ramp Jump Fail

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Kid wipes out by trying to jump a small ramp. Action starts at 0:30

Kid Parcour Fail

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Wait for it.

Kid on bike eats it

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That damn mail box...

Funny palmflip fail

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Sundays fail in Germany

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This is what they do on Sundays in germany. Kid hits the tree

Funny trapoline fail

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Dont play with fire, kid!

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I don't know exactly what this kid was trying to do . But it wasn't a good idea unless he wanted to end in a fire ball.

Kid falls out of car during pursuit

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Thankfully she is all fine

First Bike Ride Fail

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The first ride is the hardest one.

Cool YoYo trick by a 6yr old

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Not bad for a 6yr old

Jack overcoming a rail

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He has got a very own way to overcome a rail

Childhood destroyer

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This telefon might be harmless, but it can destroy some kids childhood

Kid gets knuckle sandwich

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Kid gets a accidentally knuckle sandwich