Luckiest young guy of the week

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A spider sitting on a weather camera catches the weather girl off guard

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Wheater girl gets scared by spider

Old Saloon Piano sound revived

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I love that sound!

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

Two guys singing in a van on way to work

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Wait for the drop

Best Of Fail Compilations 2012

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The Best of the Best of 2012 Fail Compilations Best Of Girls Fail [jwplayer file=""] moreClips will follow

Cute but an asshole baby goat

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Buttermilk the baby goat is soo cute, but also kind of an asshole

Jerome is a suburb gangster

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Its a hard knock life out in the suburbs

The neighbours are always watching

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Watch out for the ...

Obvious Camel-toe lecture

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Woman gives lecture with the most obvious camel-toe in history.

When hammer fails

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Classic Video of soldiers trying to get into a "locked" room. The Hammer Fails, but the foot of his buddy does the job well.

Destroying a man’s life over $13

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Hope he gets his 60grand. .......Stupid...Drunk...Whores­!!!!

Rope Swing Fail of the Week

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I dont know how he managed it to fail that way

Baseball Catch Fail

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He did not catch the ball :/

Wasteland Waterpark Skating

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Very nice Skate short Skate Film. This looks like Tony Hawks Ultra HD. The location is Lake Dolores Waterpark It's a waterpark in the Mojave desert.

Mountainbike hits picknick table

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Late for the picknick?

Santas Shopping Mall Fail

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Santa Claus Gets his beard stuck in rope at a shopping center event, Rescued by British troops

Amsterdam Drift

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This skipper has some skills

Gasexplosion in Graz

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On May 22, 2013, a gas explosion occurred at the top of the liners in Graz. No one was injured. Video by:

Usain Bolt almost owned girl

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Picdump #2

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Insane bike jump gone wrong

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Awesome Matrix Pigeon Fight

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Yeah, the Russians doing their thing again

Rowboat crasp fail

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The shoutings of the boat leader alone are funny, but there comes more

Innovative Children Ad

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Ad with secret anti-abuse message only visible to children

My mind blew up

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this is number 16 of a video from 1988 20 things 2 make

Train Cat

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Chilled cat on a toy train

Picdump #28

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Enjoy our fresh funny Picdump. Hope you like it

Picdump #27

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A new funny Picture Dump for you.

Picdump #26

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Here is it, Funny Picdump #26

Picdump #24

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Funniest Images from the last days. Enjoy

Classic: Mini fail compilation

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Dashcam Crash/Fail Compilation August 2012

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A new, Compilation from BailBlog. This time, the most crashing moments of August 2012. I hope you like it!

Crash/Accident Compilation

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Compilation of 8 Brand new crash clips

Web Video Dump

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Many various funny Fail/Win Videos from around the Internet. More than 25 minutes of Entertainment. Oppossum vs Cat Cold in Russia Hipster FIght Drivers in Russia Gangnam Fight Surprise Uk...