Luckiest young guy of the week

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A spider sitting on a weather camera catches the weather girl off guard

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Wheater girl gets scared by spider

Old Saloon Piano sound revived

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I love that sound!

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

Two guys singing in a van on way to work

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Wait for the drop

Best Of Fail Compilations 2012

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The Best of the Best of 2012 Fail Compilations Best Of Girls Fail [jwplayer file=""] moreClips will follow

Cute but an asshole baby goat

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Buttermilk the baby goat is soo cute, but also kind of an asshole

Jerome is a suburb gangster

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Its a hard knock life out in the suburbs

The neighbours are always watching

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Watch out for the ...

Obvious Camel-toe lecture

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Woman gives lecture with the most obvious camel-toe in history.

Cute Kitten Attacks

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The cameraguy got seriously injured xD

How to deal with road rage in russia

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Baseball Slugger vs. Axe

Dashcam Car Crash of the Day

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And it happens again,... in russia

Picdump #15

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Chinese girl stamps like a machine

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Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp , sta.....

Meanwhile in Germany: Highway under water

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An entire Highway stands under water.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky // George Barnett cover

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The famous George Barnett cover of Daft Punks Single "Get Lucky". Hands down!

Best Fails of Olympic Games 2012

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Here is a small tribute to all the athletes that have not got so much luck. YouTube is always deleting the Compilation  :/ So here is a alternative Upload.

Lazy treadmill cat

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Owners Try To Get Cat To Walk On Treadmill, Cat Would Rather Sleep On It

Car vs. Pool

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This can seriously ruin your day

Sundays fail in Germany

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This is what they do on Sundays in germany. Kid hits the tree

Armed Robbery Win

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This guys survive style moves are impressive   Full Story: On Saturday, 4/27/13 at or about 5:05AM, the victim was walking in the 1900 block of Burgundy when he was approached by an unknown black male....

Awesome Gotye cover

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I was over Gotye but, Wow  

Roofjump into Kiddie Pool

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Perfect Timing

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Always watch out when someone is twisting on the bar

Police provoked car accident

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Dashcam Crash Footage Collection

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Best Dashcam Crash Footage of the last Days

Picdump #28

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Enjoy our fresh funny Picdump. Hope you like it

Picdump #27

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A new funny Picture Dump for you.

Picdump #26

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Here is it, Funny Picdump #26

Picdump #24

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Funniest Images from the last days. Enjoy

Shocking Dashcam Videos

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Collection of Shocking Dashcam Videos, 18+ NSFW

Fail Compilation August 2012 One

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A new BailBlog Fail Compilation. First one of August

Car Crash Compilation Mai 2013

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Lucky Drivers, and unlucky drivers

Web Video Dump

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Many various funny Fail/Win Videos from around the Internet. More than 25 minutes of Entertainment. Oppossum vs Cat Cold in Russia Hipster FIght Drivers in Russia Gangnam Fight Surprise Uk...