Luckiest young guy of the week

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A spider sitting on a weather camera catches the weather girl off guard

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Wheater girl gets scared by spider

Old Saloon Piano sound revived

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I love that sound!

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

Two guys singing in a van on way to work

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Wait for the drop

Best Of Fail Compilations 2012

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The Best of the Best of 2012 Fail Compilations Best Of Girls Fail [jwplayer file=""] moreClips will follow

Cute but an asshole baby goat

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Buttermilk the baby goat is soo cute, but also kind of an asshole

The neighbours are always watching

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Watch out for the ...

Obvious Camel-toe lecture

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Woman gives lecture with the most obvious camel-toe in history.

Jerome is a suburb gangster

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Its a hard knock life out in the suburbs

Light toy – Visual Poi Future Lightshow

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You want a lightshow? Something new called "Light toy" or "Light Poi" If you are interested in this light pois, check it out: HERE

Train Cat

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Chilled cat on a toy train

Classic: Angriest kid ever

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He definitely wants to play Unreal Tournament. The angry kid today  

A spider sitting on a weather camera catches the weather girl off guard

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Wheater girl gets scared by spider

Jackie Chan hurts himself

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That are jackies top 10 dangerous injurys.

Insane Russian Crater Diving

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I would shit my pants

Smallest Fire Truck

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Show off goes wrong

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Full speed head on car crash

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Shocking frontal head on car crash on highway at full speed caught on dashcam

Amazing Pool Trickshots

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One of the best i have aver seen

Amazing Rube Goldberg Ball Machines

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This machines are so Pitagora Suichi

Tree falls onto Motorcyclist

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All good come from above

Classic: Zipline nut shot

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Perfect Timing

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Always watch out when someone is twisting on the bar

Scooter Stunt Fail

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Standing on a 50cc Scooter is never a good idea

Longboard loop fail

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Picdump #13

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Picdump #28

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Enjoy our fresh funny Picdump. Hope you like it

Picdump #27

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A new funny Picture Dump for you.

Picdump #26

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Here is it, Funny Picdump #26

Picdump #24

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Funniest Images from the last days. Enjoy

Faildump August 2012 #1

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Here is the first Episode of "FAILDUMP". It will come 2 times every Month packed with the best fail and also some wins. Hope you enjoy it

Cop chasing Gangster Fails

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The Camera guy has the right idea :)

Lucky People on the Streets

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Some very lucky people. And some real lucky drivers

Shocking Dashcam Videos

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Collection of Shocking Dashcam Videos, 18+ NSFW