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Close call truck crash in Las Vegas

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Close to home in Las Vegas

Russian super car jump

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I thought russian dash cam won't surpise me anymore..

Lucky driver avoids crash

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This guy has got a bunch of luck and a very good reaction

Bus rams Truck into pedestrians

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Thankfully there was not that much demage.

Full speed head on car crash

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Shocking frontal head on car crash on highway at full speed caught on dashcam

Car Crash Compilation Mai 2013

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Lucky Drivers, and unlucky drivers

Truck vs.traffic lights

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Russian Truck traffic light Takedown

Dashcam Crash Footage Collection

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Best Dashcam Crash Footage of the last Days

Street Fails of the Day

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Meanwhile on the Streets. Best dashcam Car/Bike Crash Videos of the Day. Enjoy

Lightning hits car

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Thankfully you are safe in the car, even this happens to you.

Kawasaki rider take off

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Shocking crash cought on dashcam. Kawasaki driver hits trailer of another car and takes off.

Highway Motorbike fail

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Yeah, curves are tricky.

Litterally Car Crash

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And suddenly the street was full of paper

Dashcam Car Crash of the Day

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Bumper Buddys. Action at 0:20

Idiot on the Highway

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Highway Fail of the day. Wait for it! Action at: 0:30

Just a flying car

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I dont know how exactly this was possible, but it looks awesome

Taking the curve

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Looks like this biker has some problems with curves

Dashcam Crash/Fail Compilation August 2012

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A new, Compilation from BailBlog. This time, the most crashing moments of August 2012. I hope you like it!

Russian Fire Truck carambolage

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What about the brakes?

Russian Truck Rampage

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Multiple Trucks Crash on Highway

Russian Iceroad Bus Crash

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At least, all passengers are ok

Shocking Car Accident

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A red lada gets pulverized badly

Female Car Accident

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No sense for distance

Russian road rage car crash

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In Russia a crazy driver boosts with his honda civic and crashes frontal into a car. New Dashcam Footage!

Truck Crane Fail

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Dumb truck driver caused highway crash

Russian Road Crazyness

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Just having fun with a trolley on the speedway

Overtake Fail

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Almost caused a desaster

How to deal with road rage in russia

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Baseball Slugger vs. Axe

Range rover car crash

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A Range Rover crashes into the back of a ca.

Highway crash + reaction

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You can see the reaction of the car drivers. cool!

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