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Funny Cat Gifs

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And there are even more hilarious animals! gif collection

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

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Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

Crazy Koala Battle

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Two koalas are fighting, then one turns into a demon.

The Hello Dog

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This dog  is a nice guy

Walrus voice skills

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Sometimes, nature is creepy but always awesome :)

Walmart Black Friday Sale Fight

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How captalism is turning peaoples into animals... Dogs are more intelligent than these... [jwplayer file="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNKfucd0HYo"]

Laughing with the turkeys

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Now we know where they get those laugh tracks for all the stupid sit-coms.

Golden Eagle snatches Kid

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Always look above. Thankfully the baby was fine

Kicked by a Horse

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Compilation of kicking horses http://youtu.be/3iYD4r9QW9k

Praying Mantis releases Demon

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Expect the unexpected

Lemur and Kangaroo having fun

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There is also a baby deer by them  :) Animals are awesome

The chicken Goat

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This crazy goat sounds like a chicken. Goats are so funny :)

Shake that ass, turtle!

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A Turtle Being Brushed With a Tooth Brush

Crow playing ball

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Such devine creatures ;)

Extreme Dog

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Looks like this dog likes to add a little extreme in his life.

Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside

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Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside the bus and can escape without being injured. Shocking and good at the same time.

Cock vs. Cat

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Somehow funny, somehow cute

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

Chicken Police

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They have everything under control.

Giggling Bird

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Now thats a happy bird having a laugh

Cute Pomeranian Conga Dance

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Dog on a bike and some crazy Pomeranians doing a Conga Line

Hilarious iguana fart

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We are all the same...

Horse Fail Compilation

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Horses are beautiful, but they can get very mad