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Classic: Shaolin balls conditioning

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Balls of Steel

Idiot goes Dragonborn

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Dump Idea but great fire roar!

Shake that ass, turtle!

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A Turtle Being Brushed With a Tooth Brush

Insane Baseball Catch

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An insane catch by a center fielder.

Linesman spray paint fail/win

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Linesman during Corinthians-Santos gets his distances all wrong

Epic Timelapse

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NASA really just won timelapse

Man Saves Kids Life from Burning House

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True Hero

Stuntman skydives from 2,400ft without a parachute

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Beckham kicks Ball at injured player

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But somehow he cured him with his shot

Classic: Light up a cigarette like a boss

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Thats how i light my cigs

German beer opening Skills

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This is how they open Beers in Germany

Classic: Greek bike accident

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The biker takes it like a boss

Smooth stair slide

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Coolest way to take the stairs

Best Chatroulette prank ever

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Surprise Surprise

Techer ends fight like a Boss

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Thats how to solve class problems

Darth Vader gone crazy

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Darth Vader In A Kilt On A Unicycle Playing Bagpipes WTF?

Chicken Police

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They have everything under control.

Gifdump #2

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Picdump #18

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NASA control room during touchdown of Curiosity

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Watch these epic moments . Landing at 2:30

Armed Robbery Win

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This guys survive style moves are impressive

20 Classic Fail / Funny / Win clips

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20 classic fail clips that should not be forgotten http://youtu.be/WjTGewUVz1E http://youtu.be/WP0pKa5hZF4 http://youtu.be/tJfQRCNky7s http://youtu.be/7GnDkfXD8Dc http://youtu.be/9zBfiiGSRIw http://y...

Hard BMX Faceplant

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Classic hard bmx face plant from high above

Fuck Gravity

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Flair to Fakie off and the best "What the fuck?!" i have heard for a long time

Don’t trust hotel room doors

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They can be hacked ver easy, but wait, there is a solution

Carry me home, dog

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A dog that carries a cat like a boss

Water Light Graffiti

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Huge LED Wall + Water = Stunning and amazing illumiated Graffiti

Football Trickshot Compilation Remi Gaillard

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Brick laying machine

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Now thats an awesome machine!

Insane Olympic Bar Performance

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Epke Zonderland on Men's Horizontal Bar. Just unbelievable

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