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Classic: Firetruck slams drunken guy

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Drunk guy falls off a bridge and gets hit by an firetruck in mid-air

Fully Loaded Russian Truck

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When the russian army drops off

Truck vs. Police Car

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The truck driver was like " Fuck the Police"!

Meanwhile in New Zealand

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Russian Truck Rampage

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Multiple Trucks Crash on Highway

Skater owned hard by Truck

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Skateboarder gets hit by truck flys 50ft in the air!

Shocking Chinese Truck Accident

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Huge Truck Loses Control And Crushes People! Terrifying...

Meanwhile in Arabia

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Unconventional but cool

Epic Win: Lucky russian truck driver

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Lucky russian driver 'catapults' himself out of truck through the windshield and lands on his feets like a boss.

Reporter hits by a Drift car

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Russian sport eporter gets hit by car during live drift broadcast

Truck vs.traffic lights

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Russian Truck traffic light Takedown

Truck tire explosion

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Where did the Truck go?

Irresponsible Truck driver ignores huge holograms

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What kind of idiot you have to be to not realize NOT to drive into this Australian Tunnel even there are Giant blinking holograms in front of the entrance. Sydney traffic has ground to a halt after a truck driver ign...

Fiery truck crash inferno

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Truck loses brakes and causes an fire inferno Action starts around: 1:00

Cow Truck Flips over

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Russian Truck full with cows flips over and crashes

Crazy Dude yells at Trucks and Trains

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You doing it wrong! Crazy guy screams to trains

Close call truck crash in Las Vegas

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Close to home in Las Vegas

Redneck Truck Jump

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A few rednecks attempt a sweet jump over a sand pit