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Impressive Backflip Goalkeeper Goal

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Jakob Köhler, Goalkeeper of the danish soccer club score with an impressive Backflip.

Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012

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Broken Baseball slugger hit in the face

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Guy gets hit by a broken Slugger at a Baseball match Bonus Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s2HK87blWY

Full Court Basketball Shot WIN

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Luck? or Skills?

Gross Beach Soccer Injury

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Is it just dislocated or broken?

Beckham kicks Ball at injured player

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But somehow he cured him with his shot

Girls and Hurdles Fail

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That's definitely not their best discipline.

Basejump Fail

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This is the moment a base jumper who leapt off a cliff had a miracle escape after his parachute opened backwards - and he FELL 1,000FT to the ground.

Olympic Sports Fail Compilation

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Let the Games beginn :)

How low can you go

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Lowest Limbo ever

Perfect Timing

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Always watch out when someone is twisting on the bar

Parkour Belly flop

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I think the title says it all

London 2012 : Diving Backflop Fail

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He (Stephan) Fecked that dive right up. Posted as GIF because Video gets always deleted. [like-to-watch id="999180061c11dfbd7" scheme="default" likeurl="CURRENT" videourl="https://vimeo.com/47213529" width="640" he...

Insane Olympic Bar Performance

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Epke Zonderland on Men's Horizontal Bar. Just unbelievable

Sports player rage

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Ivan Stuffer freaks out during a match and takes a seat in the audiance

Olympic Games London Picdump

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The Olympic Games 2012 are over. But here are the funniest Pictures from the Olympics 2012 in London.

Ski Racer knock out

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Max Franz, Austrian Ski Racer, Fails hard after getting knocked out by a Pole. He is all fine, just some scratches in the face

Best Fails of Olympic Games 2012

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Here is a small tribute to all the athletes that have not got so much luck. YouTube is always deleting the Compilation  :/ So here is a alternative Upload.

Best Soccer throw-in ever

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When you play soccer and throw-in a ball, do it with style... But not like him ;)

Soccer Nutshot

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I really havent seen that coming

Sport reporter chopped down by Player

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Lars Jacobsen (Copenhagen) chops down Reporter with full-on sliding tackle after title win.

Crazy Dutch Sport fierljeppen

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Goal is, to jump iver a canal. Somehow his legs are not broken.

Volleyball Aimbot

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Triple Six Pack volleyball shot

Usain Bolt almost owned girl

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Parkour Fail

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Grab that Wall!

England/Ukraine 1:1 referee fail

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The EM goal that did not count