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Army Parachute Accident

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Army Paratrooper accidentally deploys his reserve parachute inside plane. Gets sucked out.

Youtube Haiku

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Mashup of hilarious videos.

Crane Move Fail

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Never get these guys as transporters

Car Crash Compilation Mai 2013

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Lucky Drivers, and unlucky drivers

Jackie Chan hurts himself

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That are jackies top 10 dangerous injurys.

Fishing Fails

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When you have a bad day, this will cheer you up. Bill Dance's classic bloopers. He is hosting this fishing show for about 20 years.

Caterpillar falls into Pothole

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Lets dive in the dirt

Hot sexy chick webcam dance fail

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Fail at 0:45

Horrific Russian “zorb” Accident

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Two young guys dropping over a cliff in a huge Zurb Ball an get deadly injured Happened at Dombai Snow Resort in Russia. One Dead, One Injured

Best Of Fail Compilations 2012

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The Best of the Best of 2012 Fail Compilations

Top 30 Snowboarding Fails & Crashes 2012

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Best and hardest Fails Crashes Bails of the Snowboard Season 2012

Classic: Ice Ball Winter Fail

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This kids optimism is not that healthy

Ski Racer knock out

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Max Franz, Austrian Ski Racer, Fails hard after getting knocked out by a Pole. He is all fine, just some scratches in the face

Dumbass BMX Fail

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I really don't know what he was thinking...

FailDrop Epic Clip Compilation #1

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Enjoy the first Faildrop.com Epic Clip Compilation Please Share if you like it :)

Winter Avalanche Fail

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2 Dudes one avalanche

Cobra Jet Wheelie Crash

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Massive car causes massive crash

Mom of the Year

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Thankfully the drivers are reacting

Oh my Balls

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Nutcracker Compilation

Swing knock out

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Boy accidantely knocks out friend with his feet.

Golf Pro kills Simulator

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Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski joined Gary Williams destroys the Golf Simulator with a massive hit

Truck vs.traffic lights

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Russian Truck traffic light Takedown

Water Bottle Rocket Fail

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Shool engineer Project ends in the Face.

Top 5 Bike Fails

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Epic Bike Fails

Summer Skijump Fail – Simon Ammann

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Simon Ammann fails after a 140meter Skijump in Amaty 2012

Dashcam Crash Footage Collection

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Best Dashcam Crash Footage of the last Days

Dont play with fire, kid!

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I don't know exactly what this kid was trying to do . But it wasn't a good idea unless he wanted to end in a fire ball.

Brazil Bike Fail Compilation

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Meanwhile in Brazil. Funny Compilation of bike fails from brazil.

Street Fails of the Day

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Meanwhile on the Streets. Best dashcam Car/Bike Crash Videos of the Day. Enjoy

Can Jump Surprise

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A four year old unexpectedly gets a trashcan kicked into his face