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Rally car crashes into house

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But the drivers are very chilled

Horrible Singapore Ferrari Taxi Crash at 180km/h

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Truck drives Car

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Mississippi head on car crash

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Head on crash on Collins Mississippi. The drivers had minor injuries

Litterally Car Crash

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And suddenly the street was full of paper

Basejump Fail

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This is the moment a base jumper who leapt off a cliff had a miracle escape after his parachute opened backwards - and he FELL 1,000FT to the ground.

Funny Redneck Quad Crash

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Redneck Quad crash

Air Show Plane crash

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Plane Crashes At Legacy Air Show in Luxembourg.

Nice U-Turn, Bro

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Russian guy tries a u-turn at the wrong place

Truck vs.traffic lights

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Russian Truck traffic light Takedown

Car crash into house on highway

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Scary car crash into house driving on highway

Classic: Firetruck slams drunken guy

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Drunk guy falls off a bridge and gets hit by an firetruck in mid-air

Russian Truck Rampage

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Multiple Trucks Crash on Highway

Bus crash test goes wrong

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Bus loses control during crash test and drives into the researchers.

Hard Scooter Crash

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Final Destination type accident

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Shocking footage

Trampoline Dick Fail

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Trampoline fail went very wrong

Car Clips FailDump

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Best car Videos of the last week(s) more Links: http://youtu.be/RoksuRbiLmQ http://youtu.be/KmwdmItVyKw http://youtu.be/zkmvl_h_UoQ http://youtu.be/MsOF1g7tJRw http://youtu.be/BTxB27PvkZk http://youtu.be/...

Idiot drives into traffic jam

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Some idiots driving into a traffic jam

Scooter Crash

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Slippery floor fail

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Fat Guy jumps in Whirlpool and floods the room

Classic: Reality hits you hard bro

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George Lindell was involved in a pretty bad accident. That part isn't very funny. But his description of the incident more than makes up for it.

Cobra Jet Wheelie Crash

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Massive car causes massive crash

Usain Bolt almost owned girl

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Stoppie Faceplant

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He will never do that again

Scooter Wipeout

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German kids with their scoots. But nice Airtime!

Hitchhiker causes crash

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He was quite in panic

Little Girl Slide Fail

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Crossroad car crash

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Brutal Rugby Takedown

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Massive hit by Greg Inglis on Dean Young that knocked him out.

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