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Crossroad car crash

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Supermoto BigAir Crash

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Supermoto rider crashes at Erzgebirgsring Lichtenberg

Home Shopping Ladder Fail

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Harold McCoo of the Cable Value Network (CVN) takes a tumble off the ol flex-o-ladder as Karen Connelly looks on in this classic home shopping blooper.

Mountain Bike Race Crash

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Thats the wrong direction, dude!

Girl gets owned hard

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Now thats an ultimate TBag on a Girl

Cow Truck Flips over

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Russian Truck full with cows flips over and crashes

Shocking Dashcam Videos

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Collection of Shocking Dashcam Videos, 18+ NSFW http://youtu.be/SUF3Y7H3JZ0 http://youtu.be/8WnZ1p-Lwm0 http://youtu.be/MEc2oW1UXhE http://youtu.be/l1NPHvm3O1M http://youtu.be/jqC1dxhF9RE

Coordination Fail

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Spider man, spider man....

Car crash into house on highway

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Scary car crash into house driving on highway

Russian Truck Rampage

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Multiple Trucks Crash on Highway

Big firework factory explosion

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No helmed bike crash

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Remember, Wear a helmet when you do dump bike tricks. Mountainbiker crashes without helmet

Spectacular car accident in Burdujeni

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Missed the drivingcircle

Car Crash Compilation Mai 2013

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Lucky Drivers, and unlucky drivers

Yamaha lowslide Crash

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Mulholland Motorcycle crash Sunday

Lucky driver avoids crash

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This guy has got a bunch of luck and a very good reaction

Traffic Circle take Off

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Motorcycle kissed a girl

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Young chick gets hit by an Motorcycle and btw rescues other people from getting hurt

Usain Bolt almost owned girl

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Scooter Wipeout

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German kids with their scoots. But nice Airtime!

Head on car crash

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Frontal Car Crash in Russia

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Hard frontal car crash on a russian street. Amazingly nobody was hurt.

Very close lightning impact

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Lightning strike staten island NY close up.

Crane Move Fail

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Never get these guys as transporters

Hong Kong traffic crash

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Container truck pushes and crushes the car

GoPro Snowmobile Pond jump crash

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First person view of an snowmobile jumping and failing over a pond.

Funny Redneck Quad Crash

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Redneck Quad crash

Nice U-Turn, Bro

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Russian guy tries a u-turn at the wrong place

Bad loop fail

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Gregg Godfrey fails hard at nitro circus live

Snowboard Fail

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Wait for it.

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