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Rally car crashes into house

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But the drivers are very chilled

Russian super car jump

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I thought russian dash cam won't surpise me anymore..

Car crash into house on highway

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Scary car crash into house driving on highway

Streetrace Drift crash

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He definitely played to much Need for Speed

Truck tire explosion

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Where did the Truck go?

How is this possible?

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WTF of the Day. How do they managed that? xD

Hard BMX Faceplant

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Classic hard bmx face plant from high above

Cobra Jet Wheelie Crash

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Massive car causes massive crash

Woman Pitstop knockover

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Lady gets slightly rough removed out of the pitstop area by the pitstop crew

Highway crash + reaction

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You can see the reaction of the car drivers. cool!

Russian Fire Truck carambolage

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What about the brakes?

Classic: Two wheel car

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Hope he got it for the half price

Tiny car vs. brick Wall

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Tiny car causes a lot of "kurva"

Police provoked car accident

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Russian Road Crazyness

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Just having fun with a trolley on the speedway

Spectacular car accident in Burdujeni

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Missed the drivingcircle

Just a flying car

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I dont know how exactly this was possible, but it looks awesome

Shocking Chinese Car Fails

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Huge car explosion in moscow

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The incident occurred at the Kashira highway in Moscow.

Hitchhiker causes crash

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He was quite in panic

Inches away from the tragedy

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That was realy close

Driving in Europe TNL

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Cool new Compilation from TwisterNederland

Australian dude sets himself and his car on fire

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Never play with your lighter while tanking your car

Idiot on the Highway

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Highway Fail of the day. Wait for it! Action at: 0:30

Meanwhile in New Zealand

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City offroad driving with a micro car

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Good way to save time, but you need the right car

Full speed head on car crash

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Shocking frontal head on car crash on highway at full speed caught on dashcam

Another hard car crash

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Nice U-Turn, Bro

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Russian guy tries a u-turn at the wrong place

Meanwhile in Germany: Highway under water

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An entire Highway stands under water.

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