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Shocking chinese frontal bike accident

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Careless rider causes a very awful frontal crash  

2 Girls wrecking hard on bike jump

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Crazy Spot there in Alpine, Utah

Kawasaki rider take off

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Shocking crash cought on dashcam. Kawasaki driver hits trailer of another car and takes off.

Yamaha lowslide Crash

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Mulholland Motorcycle crash Sunday

First Bike Ride Fail

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The first ride is the hardest one.

Supermoto BigAir Crash

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Supermoto rider crashes at Erzgebirgsring Lichtenberg

Classic: Nutcracker Bike Jump Fail

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Bad Video Quality but the bail is worth it. I dont know how this bike jump could turned out more painful

Classic: Human Bicycle

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Best bike ever

Riding a nano bike

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Tiniest Bike ride ever

Highway Motorbike fail

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Yeah, curves are tricky.

Brazil Bike Fail Compilation

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Meanwhile in Brazil. Funny Compilation of bike fails from brazil.

2 Tragic Street Crashes

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Dont watch when you are easily offended! Street racer crashes into a tree, 2 people dead http://vimeo.com/65647808

Scooter Stunt Fail

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Standing on a 50cc Scooter is never a good idea

Crazy Motocross Accident

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Crash caused chain reaction

Canadian Road Rage

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Always be careful when youre riding your bike on a canadian road

Insane bike stunt jump

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Some kids in the streets doing some insane bike stunts

No helmed bike crash

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Remember, Wear a helmet when you do dump bike tricks. Mountainbiker crashes without helmet

Sundays fail in Germany

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This is what they do on Sundays in germany. Kid hits the tree

Taking the curve

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Looks like this biker has some problems with curves

Wheele Fail

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Bike Fails never getting old

Trial Bike Faceplant

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Scooter halt crash

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Russian kids on their Scooters

Mountainbike faceplant

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He got to eat some delicious dirt

Bike jump Fails

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Car crashes bike with 5 peoples

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Crash on the Face

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High speed snake attack

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Australian guy is driving more than 155mph with his bike, as suddenly a Stowaway snake attacks high speed snake attack

Drunk guy vs. bikes

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Drunk guy cant handle his bike.

Breathtaking Downhill Footage

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These downhill bike guys are insane!

Downhill Bikepark Crash

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Over the edge and into the dirt

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