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In russia the beat drops you

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In russia the beat drops you. Heavy Bass Machine

Childhood destroyer

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This telefon might be harmless, but it can destroy some kids childhood

Praying Mantis releases Demon

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Expect the unexpected

Destroying a man’s life over $13

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Hope he gets his 60grand. .......Stupid...Drunk...Whores­!!!!

Classic: This is my Pepe

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Omg I cant stop listening

Spinning Chocolate Joy

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Wait for the pleasure :)

Fire Tornado

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Amazing Raw footage of one of the world's rarest and least filmed natural events: Fire Tornados

How to fly a nimbus 2000

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I dont even know

The chicken Goat

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This crazy goat sounds like a chicken. Goats are so funny :)

Call me Maby (Chatroulette version)

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Just hilarious

Japanese Tire Ski Jump Show

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Crazy Japanese Show where tires get rolled down a huge ski jump ramp. Very Entertaining stuff

Idiot girl

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Interesting Toy Design

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To infinity and beyond. Way beyond.  

Classic: Bulldozer Rampage

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We will never forget the amok drive of this angry Bulldozer.

Rubber Band Watermelon explosion

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So this is what chinese kids do when Game Servers are down

Hell of a Cliff Jump

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An amazing cliff jump on the alps. Drop at 0:59 Matthias Giraud

Cute little thing taking a bath

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Russian Dog knows how to russia

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This dog knows how to russia

Hong Kong Airport black Rainstorm footage

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This is not a timelapse Hong Kong Airport under Black Rainstorm Warning Signal

Lightning hits car

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Thankfully you are safe in the car, even this happens to you.

How to put giant ships into the water

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Lower it gently into the water!? JUST PUSH THAT FUCKER IN!

How to draw a cock

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WTF Art Attack?

Extreme Dog

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Looks like this dog likes to add a little extreme in his life.

Final Destination type accident

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Shocking footage

Special Effects done right

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This football goal celebration effects are done right ;)

White guys listening to indian music

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This is what happens when white people listen to Daler Mehndi Lets get Hindu!

Pump up the Jam

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Yeah pump It!

The most russian Dashcam Video

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Furry surprise on the Road

Crazy Korean Music Video

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Gangnam Style! The viral Superhit by South Korean Artist PSY

Extraordinary body control

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This russian bar guy has damn good body control skills