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Obvious Camel-toe lecture

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Woman gives lecture with the most obvious camel-toe in history.

Walmart Black Friday Sale Fight

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How captalism is turning peaoples into animals... Dogs are more intelligent than these... [jwplayer file=""]

Insane Knife Skills

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Artist or Idiot? Wonder how many stitches this guy got in order to get so good! That's unbelievable!

The neighbours are always watching

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Watch out for the ...

Jerome is a suburb gangster

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Its a hard knock life out in the suburbs

Flaming Burnout

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Now this is what i call a Burnout. Crazy

Chinese girl stamps like a machine

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Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp , sta.....

Switzerland Flood

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wait for it, just crazy

Slingshot Orgasm

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Best orgasm ever on a slingshot.

Ghost on the Street

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Either this is a ghost or a damn lucky suicidal girl

Girl knows how to dance

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This girl got some sweet moves.

Drum and Bass + Baptist Church = Epic Rave Party

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Dance everybody

WTF: Ass karting on asphalt

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Why are people doing those things?

WTF Norway

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wait for it... When the days go gloomer

Best Dance Battle Ever

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Dance Battle Arab Style

Dumbest Scooter driver ever

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Darwin Awards Winner - 2013 Dumbest Funny Motorcycle Scooter Accident ever

Two guys singing in a van on way to work

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Wait for the drop

Mom of the Year

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Thankfully the drivers are reacting

Boy shits his pants after pooljump

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Crazy sport girls screaming

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Pure feminine sport girls screaming power

Biggest Bitch on Earth

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Woman steals Baseball from a little girl. Shame on You!

Cracked Chiropractor Commercial

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Gentle, Comfortable, Professional Ryan Lee Best Chiropractor Commercial, not

Russian girl has balls of steel

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Girl walking on a very high building

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

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Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

The power of Ten

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Ten, Ten, ten, ten Crazy yapanese game show

Golf Pro kills Simulator

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Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski joined Gary Williams destroys the Golf Simulator with a massive hit

Cock vs. Cat

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Somehow funny, somehow cute

BBQ in Sweden

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This is how a usual BBQ in Sweden looks like :)

Irish bar knock out

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And that's why you don't drink while doing a handstand

In russia the beat drops you

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In russia the beat drops you. Heavy Bass Machine

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