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Classic: This is my Pepe

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Omg I cant stop listening

When i get asked for my wifi password

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Most secure password ever 0:21

Rubber Band Watermelon explosion

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So this is what chinese kids do when Game Servers are down

Dont play with fire, kid!

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I don't know exactly what this kid was trying to do . But it wasn't a good idea unless he wanted to end in a fire ball.

Idiot of the day – Wheelchair escalator fail

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Woman Tries To Drive Wheelchair Up MBTA Red Line Escalator

Kite Surfer jumps over Whales

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Nice view there The whales are fine ;)

Crazy Pedestrian

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Russian Road Crazyness

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Just having fun with a trolley on the speedway

Destroying a man’s life over $13

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Hope he gets his 60grand. .......Stupid...Drunk...Whores­!!!!

Cute little thing taking a bath

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Burger reviewer has really taken off – Songify

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Daym Drops offers a critique of the challenging salty, sweet, & umami flavors of a Five Guys cheeseburger Original Vid:

Irish bar knock out

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And that's why you don't drink while doing a handstand

Chinese girl stamps like a machine

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Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp , sta.....

Classic: Medieval Knock Down

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Man gets leveled at Medieval Reenactment.

Meanwhile at Wal-Mart

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Can this make a shitty job even better?

Algarve Tornado Footage

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I would shit my pants.  

Every 3D Movie is the same

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This is so creative -.- Use the same key elements in every 3D Movie Trailer.

Ghost on the Street

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Either this is a ghost or a damn lucky suicidal girl

Useless Invention

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Why not just run o.O?

Russian girl has balls of steel

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Girl walking on a very high building

Cracked Chiropractor Commercial

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Gentle, Comfortable, Professional Ryan Lee Best Chiropractor Commercial, not

Truck drives Car

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Extreme Dog

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Looks like this dog likes to add a little extreme in his life.

The most russian Dashcam Video

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Furry surprise on the Road

Diving in an Alien Lake

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Dude dives in an Argentinian Lake full of Ash, looks like a alien-world-surface.

Man Saves Kids Life from Burning House

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True Hero

Russian cat in berserk mode

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Drum and Bass + Baptist Church = Epic Rave Party

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Dance everybody

Interesting Toy Design

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To infinity and beyond. Way beyond.  

Tiny car vs. brick Wall

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Tiny car causes a lot of "kurva"

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