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Classic: This is my Pepe

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Omg I cant stop listening


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Dubstep + Suits = Suitstep? xD

When i get asked for my wifi password

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Most secure password ever 0:21

Strange sounds all over the world

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Strange sounds all over the world Jerusalem, houston, New York, Belgium, ect.. Legit or a hoax? What do you think

Classic: Bulldozer Rampage

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We will never forget the amok drive of this angry Bulldozer.

Crazy Dude yells at Trucks and Trains

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You doing it wrong! Crazy guy screams to trains

Classic: Angriest kid ever

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He definitely wants to play Unreal Tournament. The angry kid today  

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

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Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

Crazy sport girls screaming

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Pure feminine sport girls screaming power

Boy shits his pants after pooljump

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Classic: Two wheel car

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Hope he got it for the half price

Slingshot Orgasm

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Best orgasm ever on a slingshot.

Insane Knife Skills

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Artist or Idiot? Wonder how many stitches this guy got in order to get so good! That's unbelievable!

How to fly a nimbus 2000

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I dont even know

Chinese girl stamps like a machine

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Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp , sta.....

Angry Crazy Music Teacher Destroys Students Violin

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Wait for it :)

Classic: Medieval Knock Down

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Man gets leveled at Medieval Reenactment.

UFO over Argentinia

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What the hell is this?

How not to drink Champagne

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SUV goes Airborne

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SUV hits bump and catches big air on highway goes Airborne!

White guys listening to indian music

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This is what happens when white people listen to Daler Mehndi Lets get Hindu!

Fire Tornado

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Amazing Raw footage of one of the world's rarest and least filmed natural events: Fire Tornados

BBQ in Sweden

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This is how a usual BBQ in Sweden looks like :)

Final Destination type accident

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Shocking footage

The Wheel of Death

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Completely insane show of Cirque du Soleil  

Crazy Dutch Sport fierljeppen

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Goal is, to jump iver a canal. Somehow his legs are not broken.

Walmart Black Friday Sale Fight

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How captalism is turning peaoples into animals... Dogs are more intelligent than these... [jwplayer file=""]

In russia the beat drops you

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In russia the beat drops you. Heavy Bass Machine

Diving in an Alien Lake

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Dude dives in an Argentinian Lake full of Ash, looks like a alien-world-surface.

Crazy Korean Music Video

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Gangnam Style! The viral Superhit by South Korean Artist PSY

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