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Insane Knife Skills

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Artist or Idiot? Wonder how many stitches this guy got in order to get so good! That's unbelievable!

Flaming Burnout

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Now this is what i call a Burnout. Crazy

Chinese girl stamps like a machine

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Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp , sta.....

Worst sheep rescue ever

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Good guy helps sheep out of fence. But then something went damn wrong. The Sheep survives.

Slingshot Orgasm

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Best orgasm ever on a slingshot.

Mesmerizing dancing skills

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These guys took dancing to a whole another level DRAGON HOUSE | ILLUSION OF CHOICE | DUBSTEP

Just fucking on the motorcycle

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Now this how true man riding their bikes

Student rants against Teacher – Jeff Bliss

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Student makes a damn good point and gets suspended for a year

Best Chatroulette prank ever

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Surprise Surprise

Best Dance Battle Ever

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Dance Battle Arab Style

Dutch bully picks wrong nerd

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Bully tries to mess with nerd and gets instant karma KO

Cute Pomeranian Conga Dance

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Dog on a bike and some crazy Pomeranians doing a Conga Line

WTF Parrot

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Daft Punk feat. Charleston

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Daft Punk and the 50s fit very very well.

8 Heros catch girl falling from fourth floor

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Girl falling from the fourth floor, 8 couriers caught her with their hands

Most awesome dog ever

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Dog saves man by leading police car to burning house

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

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Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

Luckiest young guy of the week

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Buddy Surprise

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Thats the best way to wake up your buddy. Sleeping drunk fat dude

15-year old lands a 1080 on a skateboard at the X-Games

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Mitchie Brusco (15) makes history landing the first 1080 in a competition EVER in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Barcelona 2013

Old Saloon Piano sound revived

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I love that sound!

Lucky Ass of the Day

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This lucky chinese scooter driver nearly got hit by a big truck.

Golden Eagle snatches Kid

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Always look above. Thankfully the baby was fine

Dad Level: Over 9000!

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Awesome dad builds rollercoster for kid Dad of the day/week/month?

This made my day

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Couple Saves bear cubs trapped in a Dumpster

The Hello Dog

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This dog  is a nice guy

The Big Bang Theory Flash mob

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Awesome Flash Mob of the Big Bang Theory Crew and Cast while a recording session

Spinning Chocolate Joy

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Wait for the pleasure :)

Lucky guy of the Day

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Reminds me of Final Destinatiion, but with an happy ending :)

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

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