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Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012

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Impressive Backflip Goalkeeper Goal

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Jakob Köhler, Goalkeeper of the danish soccer club score with an impressive Backflip.

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

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Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

News reporter tells it how it is

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WTF are we doing here?

Burger reviewer has really taken off – Songify

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Daym Drops offers a critique of the challenging salty, sweet, & umami flavors of a Five Guys cheeseburger Original Vid:

Make your own solar panel

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Thats the solution :)

Canadian Road Rage

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Always be careful when youre riding your bike on a canadian road

Classic: Big Chill Raver

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This made my day

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Couple Saves bear cubs trapped in a Dumpster

Extraordinary body control

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This russian bar guy has damn good body control skills

Buddy Surprise

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Thats the best way to wake up your buddy. Sleeping drunk fat dude

Cat scares seagull

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Seagull chills, cat thrills

Rihanna on the tube

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Trying not to laugh

Techer ends fight like a Boss

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Thats how to solve class problems

Cool Dog Rides Bike

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Super Boost Horse

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Fastest horse ever action starts at: 0:50

Innovative Children Ad

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Ad with secret anti-abuse message only visible to children

Insane bike stunt jump

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Some kids in the streets doing some insane bike stunts

Wasteland Waterpark Skating

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Very nice Skate short Skate Film. This looks like Tony Hawks Ultra HD. The location is Lake Dolores Waterpark It's a waterpark in the Mojave desert.

UK Ice Cream War

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Chinese hero bus driver

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Even a piece of metal could not stop him from saving his passengers. True Hero!

Lucky Ass of the Day

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This lucky chinese scooter driver nearly got hit by a big truck.

amazing UI levitating orbs

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Classic: Russia in 15 seconds

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Worst sheep rescue ever

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Good guy helps sheep out of fence. But then something went damn wrong. The Sheep survives.

Old Saloon Piano sound revived

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I love that sound!

Hell of a Cliff Jump

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An amazing cliff jump on the alps. Drop at 0:59 Matthias Giraud

Call me Maby (Chatroulette version)

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Just hilarious

Fuck Gravity

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Flair to Fakie off and the best "What the fuck?!" i have heard for a long time

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