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Luckiest young guy of the week

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Old Saloon Piano sound revived

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I love that sound!

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

8 Heros catch girl falling from fourth floor

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Girl falling from the fourth floor, 8 couriers caught her with their hands

Dutch bully picks wrong nerd

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Bully tries to mess with nerd and gets instant karma KO

In russia the beat drops you

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In russia the beat drops you. Heavy Bass Machine

How to fly a nimbus 2000

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I dont even know

Good guy cops

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Phillies Fan Drinking Out Of a Bong Gets a high five from a cop

Lucky Mountain skydiver

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Skydiver's near impact and landing on top of a mountain

High Jumping in Kenya

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Who needs Olympics? This is high jumping in Kenya

Insane Baseball Catch

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An insane catch by a center fielder.

World’s tallest swing ride – Skyscreamer

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Everything is bigger in Texas ...

Spinning Chocolate Joy

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Wait for the pleasure :)

Insane bike stunt jump

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Some kids in the streets doing some insane bike stunts

15-year old lands a 1080 on a skateboard at the X-Games

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Mitchie Brusco (15) makes history landing the first 1080 in a competition EVER in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Barcelona 2013

Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside

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Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside the bus and can escape without being injured. Shocking and good at the same time.

Holland. The original Cool

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Holland at its finest

How to dance to Daft Punk

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Ever wondered how to dance to the new daft punk sound? This is your answer :)

Lucky driver avoids crash

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This guy has got a bunch of luck and a very good reaction

Barrel Lifting Like a Boss

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This guy is beast at the barrels

Special Effects done right

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This football goal celebration effects are done right ;)

Japanese Tire Ski Jump Show

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Crazy Japanese Show where tires get rolled down a huge ski jump ramp. Very Entertaining stuff

Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor

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This is what happens when you are trying opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor

The Real Human Chainsaw

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Introducing the real human chainsaw

Powerslide fail to push-up win

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Unexpected epic win after powerslide skate fail

Kitty in a Can

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This have to be a special kitten. Good guy helps kitty out of can

Amsterdam Drift

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This skipper has some skills

Student rants against Teacher – Jeff Bliss

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Student makes a damn good point and gets suspended for a year

Amazingly talented talking bird

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I have seen many talking birds, but this parakeet called "Disco" is amazing

Daft Punk – Get Lucky // George Barnett cover

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The famous George Barnett cover of Daft Punks Single "Get Lucky". Hands down!

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