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Insane BMX Trick

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120 feet (40m) cliff jump

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Canadian Road Rage

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Always be careful when youre riding your bike on a canadian road

Woman walks off the subway platform

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A mother and her child fall off a subway platform in Boston and onto the tracks. A Good Samaritan saved them.

In russia the beat drops you

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In russia the beat drops you. Heavy Bass Machine

Ultimate Candy floss Style

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He´s the Boss of Candy floss

Cool summer trickshots

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Damn those kids have nothing to do...

Evolution of Drums

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The Evolution of Drums, performed by comedian and drummer Gino Fabbri

Flaming Burnout

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Now this is what i call a Burnout. Crazy

Classic: Big Chill Raver

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Awesome Gotye cover

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I was over Gotye but, Wow  

Insane Olympic Bar Performance

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Epke Zonderland on Men's Horizontal Bar. Just unbelievable

Russel Brand blows your mind

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Russell Brand blowing your tiny mind on Australia Today

Crazy Pedestrian

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The most awesome way to travel

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The WASP [Williams Aerial Systems Platform] More Information

1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography

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You actually see the light moving. That's Mind Blowing

Amazingly talented talking bird

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I have seen many talking birds, but this parakeet called "Disco" is amazing

Grandma’s Boy As An Oscar Winner

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Massive Train Explosion

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Train with chemicals exploding. Looks like a scifi Movie

News reporter tells it how it is

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WTF are we doing here?

How to dance to Daft Punk

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Ever wondered how to dance to the new daft punk sound? This is your answer :)

Breathtaking Downhill Footage

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These downhill bike guys are insane!

Make your own solar panel

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Thats the solution :)

City offroad driving with a micro car

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Good way to save time, but you need the right car

Giggling Bird

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Now thats a happy bird having a laugh

Dutch bully picks wrong nerd

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Bully tries to mess with nerd and gets instant karma KO

Stoners save family from fire

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They look high

How to catch a fly with a straw

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That how you get rid of them :)

Stairs are for pussies

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Enter the office with style

Daft Punk feat. Charleston

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Daft Punk and the 50s fit very very well.

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