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UK Cyclist fail

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Trainspotters denied win

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Modern train perfectly cuts the perfect scene.  

Diving in an Alien Lake

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Dude dives in an Argentinian Lake full of Ash, looks like a alien-world-surface.

Redneck Truck Jump

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A few rednecks attempt a sweet jump over a sand pit

Yamaha lowslide Crash

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Mulholland Motorcycle crash Sunday

Baseball Catch Fail

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He did not catch the ball :/

Classic: Light up a cigarette like a boss

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Thats how i light my cigs

Russian road rage car crash

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In Russia a crazy driver boosts with his honda civic and crashes frontal into a car. New Dashcam Footage!

Shocking Car Accident

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A red lada gets pulverized badly

Russian Fire Truck carambolage

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What about the brakes?

How low can you go

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Lowest Limbo ever

Dashcam Crash Footage Collection

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Best Dashcam Crash Footage of the last Days

Kite Surfer jumps over Whales

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Nice view there The whales are fine ;)

Meanwhile in Australia

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Wait for the awesomeness :) Deb 'Spoons' Perry Does The Black Keys

Student rants against Teacher – Jeff Bliss

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Student makes a damn good point and gets suspended for a year

Cracked Chiropractor Commercial

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Gentle, Comfortable, Professional Ryan Lee Best Chiropractor Commercial, not

Girl knows how to dance

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This girl got some sweet moves.

Car lost its tire

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Another BMX Faceplant

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Amazing Highjump

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Massive car jump

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Laminar Flow

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Very cool experiment. Liquid in Layers

Referee fouls player of ireland

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Air Show Plane crash

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Plane Crashes At Legacy Air Show in Luxembourg.

The most awesome way to travel

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The WASP [Williams Aerial Systems Platform] More Information

Switzerland Flood

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wait for it, just crazy

Give me some good parking

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A woman trying to park her enormous car, encouraged by german football fans.

Evolution of Drums

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The Evolution of Drums, performed by comedian and drummer Gino Fabbri

Driving in Europe TNL

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Cool new Compilation from TwisterNederland

Polite rally car driver

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Very polite rally driver, crashes and excuses himself by the local people