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Best Of Fail Compilations 2012

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The Best of the Best of 2012 Fail Compilations

Obvious Camel-toe lecture

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Woman gives lecture with the most obvious camel-toe in history.

Horse vs. Girl

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Girl fails hard down her Horse

When hammer fails

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Classic Video of soldiers trying to get into a "locked" room. The Hammer Fails, but the foot of his buddy does the job well.

Girl gets drummed

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Girl gets a surprise from behind

Russian super car jump

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I thought russian dash cam won't surpise me anymore..

Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.85K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

Rally car crashes into house

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But the drivers are very chilled

Cat in a tube gets bugged

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Kitty just wannts know whats in the Tube ...

Blond Girl Falls With Head First into The Mud

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Blond Girl Falls With Head First into The Mud

Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012

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Biker Loves UPS

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Biker crashes into UPS Truck

Scooter Wipeout

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German kids with their scoots. But nice Airtime!

Engrish: Have some Coc(k)e?

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Korean Drill War

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Korean combat police force is on drill against violent demonstrators. Everything in this film is just a drill. Looks like ancient Roman army fighting barbarians.

Top 30 Snowboarding Fails & Crashes 2012

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Best and hardest Fails Crashes Bails of the Snowboard Season 2012

Dumbest Scooter driver ever

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Darwin Awards Winner - 2013 Dumbest Funny Motorcycle Scooter Accident ever

Football School Accident

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Rowboat crasp fail

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The shoutings of the boat leader alone are funny, but there comes more

Skater owned hard by Truck

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Skateboarder gets hit by truck flys 50ft in the air!

Truck Crane Fail

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Dumb truck driver caused highway crash

Football player knock outs

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There were two heavy football/soccer knock outs this week caught on video. All the players are alive so far ;)

Bike jump Fails

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Swingin Girl Fail

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Fail Compilation August 2012 One

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A new BailBlog Fail Compilation. First one of August

Track runner leg snap

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Track Runner Breaks His Leg During 100m Sprint in Helsinki

Brutal Rugby Takedown

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Massive hit by Greg Inglis on Dean Young that knocked him out.

Stoppie Faceplant

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He will never do that again

Bus rams Truck into pedestrians

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Thankfully there was not that much demage.

Streetrace Drift crash

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He definitely played to much Need for Speed

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