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Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.86K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

Roofjump into Kiddie Pool

18 Views0 Comments

Helicopter Crashes

10 Views0 Comments

That was a bad intetninon...

How not to drink Champagne

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Funny trapoline fail

8 Views0 Comments

Gross Beach Soccer Injury

8 Views0 Comments

Is it just dislocated or broken?

Beckham kicks Ball at injured player

11 Views0 Comments

But somehow he cured him with his shot

Huge car explosion in moscow

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The incident occurred at the Kashira highway in Moscow.

Russian boat explosion

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They are ok, these guys are russian

Biggest Bitch on Earth

38 Views0 Comments

Woman steals Baseball from a little girl. Shame on You!

Dashcam Crash/Fail Compilation August 2012

24 Views0 Comments

A new, Compilation from BailBlog. This time, the most crashing moments of August 2012. I hope you like it!

Dont play with fire, kid!

17 Views0 Comments

I don't know exactly what this kid was trying to do . But it wasn't a good idea unless he wanted to end in a fire ball.

Car Crash Compilation Mai 2013

64 Views0 Comments

Lucky Drivers, and unlucky drivers

Car scared by printer

9 Views0 Comments

Wait for it .... :)

Cat vs. Printing paper

20 Views0 Comments

Cat has a new mysterious enemy, the printing paper

Puppy vs. Box

3 Views0 Comments

Meanwhile in Germany

8 Views0 Comments

Kd vs. Horse vs. Ostrich vs. Donkey

Insane bike jump gone wrong

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Epic leap of faith fail

7 Views0 Comments

Thats how to end a fight :)

Home Shopping Ladder Fail

17 Views0 Comments

Harold McCoo of the Cable Value Network (CVN) takes a tumble off the ol flex-o-ladder as Karen Connelly looks on in this classic home shopping blooper.

Christian Dubstep

13 Views0 Comments

Or exircist dubstep? xD

How not to jump on a Horse

9 Views0 Comments

Ends with the hoofs in the face

Motorcycle kissed a girl

8 Views0 Comments

Young chick gets hit by an Motorcycle and btw rescues other people from getting hurt

Parkour Fail

6 Views0 Comments

Grab that Wall!

Litterally Car Crash

18 Views0 Comments

And suddenly the street was full of paper

Oh my Balls

26 Views0 Comments

Nutcracker Compilation

Wrong man to mount a horse

8 Views0 Comments

Remember guys, dont do it like him ;)

Illegal U-Turn

13 Views0 Comments

Taxi pulls illegal U-turn, instant justice

Football School Accident

10 Views0 Comments

Scooter Crash

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