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Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.85K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

Woman strucked by Train

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Classic:Shopping cart crash

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Rowboat crasp fail

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The shoutings of the boat leader alone are funny, but there comes more

Idiot under a train escape

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Escaping from the rails while a train is rolling over you. Sick

Hot gymnast fails hard

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Nastia Liukin falls off the uneven bars at the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Drunk guy vs. bikes

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Drunk guy cant handle his bike.

Streetrace Drift crash

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He definitely played to much Need for Speed

Best Fails of Olympic Games 2012

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Here is a small tribute to all the athletes that have not got so much luck. YouTube is always deleting the Compilation  :/ So here is a alternative Upload.

Kid Parcour Fail

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Wait for it.

Street Fails of the Day

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Meanwhile on the Streets. Best dashcam Car/Bike Crash Videos of the Day. Enjoy

Mountain Bike Race Crash

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Thats the wrong direction, dude!

Ferrari 458 Horror crash at Suzuka 2013

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Ferrari 458 Crashes Horribly at Suzuka Circuit

Kid gets knuckle sandwich

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Kid gets a accidentally knuckle sandwich

Traktor wheel loss

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Cop chasing Gangster Fails

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The Camera guy has the right idea :)

Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012

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UK Cyclist fail

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Mountainbike faceplant

11 Views0 Comments

He got to eat some delicious dirt

Shocking chinese frontal bike accident

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Careless rider causes a very awful frontal crash  

Idiot of the day – Wheelchair escalator fail

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Woman Tries To Drive Wheelchair Up MBTA Red Line Escalator

Woman Pitstop knockover

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Lady gets slightly rough removed out of the pitstop area by the pitstop crew

Faildump August 2012 #1

13 Views0 Comments

Here is the first Episode of "FAILDUMP". It will come 2 times every Month packed with the best fail and also some wins. Hope you enjoy it

German Referee drinking Fail

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Drinking out of modern bags can be tricky

Swing knock out

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Boy accidantely knocks out friend with his feet.

Worst sheep rescue ever

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Good guy helps sheep out of fence. But then something went damn wrong. The Sheep survives.

Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside

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Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside the bus and can escape without being injured. Shocking and good at the same time.

Little Girl Slide Fail

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Cat Game

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Raoundabout of Death

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