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Classic: Angriest kid ever

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He definitely wants to play Unreal Tournament. The angry kid today  

Classic: Biker rage Fail

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Riker sits down

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A compilation of times that Commander Riker swings his leg over the back of a chair.

The 80’s at its best

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Hilarious aerobic championship opening 1988

Paper plane throw win into the trash bin

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Best Paper plane throw win ever. Classic Video

R.I.P. Mr. Trololo Guy (Eduard Khil)

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Volleyball Aimbot

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Triple Six Pack volleyball shot

Classic: Human Bicycle

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Best bike ever

Classic: Nutcracker Bike Jump Fail

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Bad Video Quality but the bail is worth it. I dont know how this bike jump could turned out more painful

Classic:Shopping cart crash

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Crash on the Face

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Clasic: Epic Skateboard rage fail

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Old but Gold

Can Jump Surprise

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A four year old unexpectedly gets a trashcan kicked into his face

Classic: Zipline nut shot

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Drunk chick posing fail

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Next time, choose a better place to drink...

Classic: This is my Pepe

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Omg I cant stop listening

Daft Punk feat. Charleston

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Daft Punk and the 50s fit very very well.

Classic: Motherf*cking Bootleg Firework

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A real Alltime-Favourite

Funny Redneck Quad Crash

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Redneck Quad crash

Don’t trust hotel room doors

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They can be hacked ver easy, but wait, there is a solution

The power of Ten

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Ten, Ten, ten, ten Crazy yapanese game show

Classic: Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot

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Thanks Arthur :)

Home Shopping Ladder Fail

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Harold McCoo of the Cable Value Network (CVN) takes a tumble off the ol flex-o-ladder as Karen Connelly looks on in this classic home shopping blooper.

Classic: I just fucking shot myself

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I used to be a redneck, then I took a bullet in the knee.

Greatest/weirdest Frisbee Scene in a Movie

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Classic: Ice Ball Winter Fail

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This kids optimism is not that healthy

Classic: Shaolin balls conditioning

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Balls of Steel

Cow Truck Flips over

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Russian Truck full with cows flips over and crashes

Classic: Loud Bass

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An Earthquake is nothing against this

Classic: Cyclocross Fail

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