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1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography

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You actually see the light moving. That's Mind Blowing

Angry Crazy Music Teacher Destroys Students Violin

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Wait for it :)

100 tons of Boom

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10000 fps Waterdrop

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Shows an unknown phenomena: Coalescence Cascade

11 year olds being true Metal

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Just some 11 year olds being metal as fuck in NYC.

120 feet (40m) cliff jump

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15-year old lands a 1080 on a skateboard at the X-Games

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Mitchie Brusco (15) makes history landing the first 1080 in a competition EVER in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Barcelona 2013

2 Girls wrecking hard on bike jump

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Crazy Spot there in Alpine, Utah

2 Tragic Street Crashes

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Dont watch when you are easily offended! Street racer crashes into a tree, 2 people dead

20 Classic Fail / Funny / Win clips

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20 classic fail clips that should not be forgotten http://y...

2D Domino pyramid wall frustration

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To build a huge 2D Pyramid out of Dominos, you need a healty frustration tolerance.Good  training for Domino Day

3 dogs on one string

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3 Kids 1 Bike 1 Supermum

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8 Heros catch girl falling from fourth floor

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Girl falling from the fourth floor, 8 couriers caught her with their hands

A spider sitting on a weather camera catches the weather girl off guard

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Wheater girl gets scared by spider

Accidental Trick shot

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Basketball Trick shot fail

African styled plastering

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Afro Surprise

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Air Show Plane crash

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Plane Crashes At Legacy Air Show in Luxembourg.

Air Slide on the Beach

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I would held this Air Slide down ;)

Algarve Tornado Footage

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I would shit my pants.  

Almost perfect robot dance

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Amazing Anamorhic Illusions

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Ready to blow your mind?

Amazing arching skills

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Even Legolas is jealous

Amazing Highjump

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Amazing Pool Trickshots

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One of the best i have aver seen

Amazing Rube Goldberg Ball Machines

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This machines are so Pitagora Suichi

amazing UI levitating orbs

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Amazingly talented talking bird

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I have seen many talking birds, but this parakeet called "Disco" is amazing

Ambulance vs. Scooter

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Ambulance sends Scooter driver Flying, What an irony...  

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