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Best Of Fail Compilations 2012

15.48K Views0 Comments

The Best of the Best of 2012 Fail Compilations

Cute but an asshole baby goat

337 Views0 Comments

Buttermilk the baby goat is soo cute, but also kind of an asshole

Jerome is a suburb gangster

242 Views0 Comments

Its a hard knock life out in the suburbs

Obvious Camel-toe lecture

2.46K Views0 Comments

Woman gives lecture with the most obvious camel-toe in history.

The neighbours are always watching

256 Views0 Comments

Watch out for the ...

Girl gets drummed

203 Views0 Comments

Girl gets a surprise from behind

Impressive Backflip Goalkeeper Goal

15 Views0 Comments

Jakob Köhler, Goalkeeper of the danish soccer club score with an impressive Backflip.

Tiny confused cute kitty

16 Views0 Comments

Its so fluffy! The tiny cute kitty.

When hammer fails

16 Views0 Comments

Classic Video of soldiers trying to get into a "locked" room. The Hammer Fails, but the foot of his buddy does the job well.

Horse vs. Girl

156 Views0 Comments

Girl fails hard down her Horse

Russian super car jump

43 Views0 Comments

I thought russian dash cam won't surpise me anymore..

Cat in a tube gets bugged

26 Views0 Comments

Kitty just wannts know whats in the Tube ...

Light toy – Visual Poi Future Lightshow

365 Views0 Comments

You want a lightshow? Something new called "Light toy" or "Light Poi"

Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.84K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

Blond Girl Falls With Head First into The Mud

152 Views0 Comments

Blond Girl Falls With Head First into The Mud

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

35 Views0 Comments

Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012

12 Views0 Comments

Rally car crashes into house

23 Views0 Comments

But the drivers are very chilled

Cute Kitten Attacks

20 Views0 Comments

The cameraguy got seriously injured xD

Russian Dude 150m above the Ground

5 Views0 Comments

Wonky cats

8 Views0 Comments

Huge Landslide in Switzerland

11 Views0 Comments

Bizarre chinese Vehicle

5 Views0 Comments

It looks like a cannon wagon

Maker vs. Marker

15 Views0 Comments

UK animator Jonny Lawrence made this incredible short video that's just plain fun to watch.

Idiots at work – Unload a concrete tube

85 Views0 Comments

How not to unload a concrete tube

Horse Fail Compilation

28 Views0 Comments

Horses are beautiful, but they can get very mad

Road Rage Reloaded

10 Views0 Comments

Crazy Road Rage with an unexpected twist

The 80’s at its best

16 Views0 Comments

Hilarious aerobic championship opening 1988

Truck tire explosion

14 Views0 Comments

Where did the Truck go?

Brazilian cops crashing smuggle plane

7 Views0 Comments

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