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Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.85K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

GIFs with sound Collection

36 Views1 Comments

Collection with all the best GIFs with sound Videos

Russian Guitar Robot

3 Views0 Comments

Shocking Chinese Car Fails

14 Views0 Comments

Classic: Big Chill Raver

6 Views0 Comments

Classic: Biker rage Fail

5 Views0 Comments

Classic: Supermodel catwalk fail

4 Views0 Comments

What a nice biker guy

6 Views0 Comments

Crazy man doing bird calls during victory interview

2 Views0 Comments

This made watching the event totally worth it

Spectacular car accident in Burdujeni

10 Views0 Comments

Missed the drivingcircle

Track runner leg snap

8 Views0 Comments

Track Runner Breaks His Leg During 100m Sprint in Helsinki

Massive Firework Failure (Loud)

5 Views0 Comments

The famous firework fail in SanDiego 2012

Trampoline faceplant

3 Views0 Comments

Do not jump over trampoline nets... action starts at: 0:20

Wooden magic machine

6 Views0 Comments

Got a sense for magic?

Russian girl has balls of steel

37 Views0 Comments

Girl walking on a very high building

Bike Ramp Jump Fail

5 Views0 Comments

Kid wipes out by trying to jump a small ramp. Action starts at 0:30

Full Court Basketball Shot WIN

10 Views0 Comments

Luck? or Skills?

Cute Pomeranian Conga Dance

41 Views0 Comments

Dog on a bike and some crazy Pomeranians doing a Conga Line

Street Fails of the Day

15 Views0 Comments

Meanwhile on the Streets. Best dashcam Car/Bike Crash Videos of the Day. Enjoy

Football Fans on fire

13 Views0 Comments

German Football Fans acting like idiots and are burning down some stuff

Hardest Trackmania Custom Track

11 Views0 Comments

0 fucks are given. Actually not that hard, but so chilling to watch.

Full speed head on car crash

18 Views0 Comments

Shocking frontal head on car crash on highway at full speed caught on dashcam

Destroying a man’s life over $13

27 Views0 Comments

Hope he gets his 60grand. .......Stupid...Drunk...Whores­!!!!

Spinning Chocolate Joy

26 Views0 Comments

Wait for the pleasure :)

Tree falls onto Motorcyclist

17 Views0 Comments

All good come from above

Breathtaking Downhill Footage

8 Views0 Comments

These downhill bike guys are insane!

Huge Landslide in Switzerland

11 Views0 Comments

Incoming Truck

8 Views0 Comments

Russian Gangster Van

11 Views0 Comments

Inches away from the tragedy

4 Views0 Comments

That was realy close

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