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GIFs with sound Collection

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Collection with all the best GIFs with sound Videos

Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.85K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

3 Kids 1 Bike 1 Supermum

6 Views0 Comments

Fat chick dance fail

10 Views0 Comments

Final Destination type accident

17 Views0 Comments

Shocking footage

Stoners save family from fire

16 Views0 Comments

They look high

The Wheel of Death

8 Views0 Comments

Completely insane show of Cirque du Soleil  

Never touch a grazing horse

5 Views0 Comments


Awesome Matrix Pigeon Fight

17 Views0 Comments

Yeah, the Russians doing their thing again

Litterally Car Crash

17 Views0 Comments

And suddenly the street was full of paper

Amazing Anamorhic Illusions

21 Views0 Comments

Ready to blow your mind?

Irresponsible Truck driver ignores huge holograms

34 Views0 Comments

What kind of idiot you have to be to not realize NOT to drive into this Australian Tunnel even there are Giant blinking holograms in front of the entrance. Sydney traffic has ground to a halt after a truck driver ign...

Insane Baseball Catch

11 Views0 Comments

An insane catch by a center fielder.

Granny Skydive almost gone wrong

14 Views0 Comments

Brazilian cops crashing smuggle plane

7 Views0 Comments

Amazing arching skills

7 Views0 Comments

Even Legolas is jealous

Meanwhile in Austria

7 Views0 Comments

Huge water-pipe burst in Innsbruck Austria

Pothole Accident

1 Views0 Comments

Hidden pothole sends car flying

NASA control room during touchdown of Curiosity

8 Views0 Comments

Watch these epic moments . Landing at 2:30

Truck vs. Police Car

24 Views0 Comments

The truck driver was like " Fuck the Police"!

Horse Fail Compilation

29 Views0 Comments

Horses are beautiful, but they can get very mad

Oscillate – Amazing music CGI

21 Views0 Comments

Thesis animation done at School of Visual Arts, class of 2013, Computer Art MFA. Software used: Houdini (animation), Reason (music), Nuke (comp), After Effects (final render), Processing (pre-viz) A full description...

The most russian Dashcam Video

16 Views0 Comments

Furry surprise on the Road

Russian Guitar Robot

3 Views0 Comments

Classic: Big Chill Raver

6 Views0 Comments

Classic: Supermodel catwalk fail

4 Views0 Comments

Crazy man doing bird calls during victory interview

2 Views0 Comments

This made watching the event totally worth it

Track runner leg snap

8 Views0 Comments

Track Runner Breaks His Leg During 100m Sprint in Helsinki

Trampoline faceplant

3 Views0 Comments

Do not jump over trampoline nets... action starts at: 0:20

Russian girl has balls of steel

37 Views0 Comments

Girl walking on a very high building

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