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Gallon smashing prank goes wrong

4.84K Views1 Comments

He gets what he deserves Or just natures self corrective mechanisms

GIFs with sound Collection

33 Views1 Comments

Collection with all the best GIFs with sound Videos

Pole Jump Fail

5 Views0 Comments

Epic Pole Vault Fail

Cute Hamster acting

10 Views0 Comments

Scooter jump faceplant

5 Views0 Comments

Cool YoYo trick by a 6yr old

15 Views0 Comments

Not bad for a 6yr old

Lego Candy Machine

11 Views0 Comments

An amazing candy machine built completely out of Lego

Rollerblade Faceplant

9 Views0 Comments

The reaction of his dad in the end is priceless!

Blonde girl high jump fail

10 Views0 Comments

I know shes blonde, but seriously.... I feel like a blind person could have done better than that.

When Hammer Fails

19 Views0 Comments

Funny moment during infantry military exercises

Daft Punk feat. Charleston

35 Views0 Comments

Daft Punk and the 50s fit very very well.

This is Water

15 Views0 Comments

Breathtaking speech/film In 2005, author David Foster Wallace was asked to give the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. However, the resulting speech didn't become widely known until ...

Trampoline Fails Compilation

25 Views0 Comments

Super funny Trampoline Fail compilation.

Show off goes wrong

7 Views0 Comments

Kitten Bowl

6 Views0 Comments

Trapattoni and manuelzinho crash fail

7 Views0 Comments

Manuelzinho crashes into Trapattoni at the EM 2012 Game Irland - Croatia

Clasic: Epic Skateboard rage fail

4 Views0 Comments

Old but Gold

Shocking Accident in Italy

16 Views0 Comments

Just wiped away... NSFW

Cat with hat on bicycle

9 Views0 Comments

This cat takes it to the next level

1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography

19 Views0 Comments

You actually see the light moving. That's Mind Blowing

Giggling Bird

8 Views0 Comments

Now thats a happy bird having a laugh

Cobra Jet Wheelie Crash

32 Views0 Comments

Massive car causes massive crash

Loose Ski double fail

23 Views0 Comments

Beware of the loose ski.

Light toy – Visual Poi Future Lightshow

366 Views0 Comments

You want a lightshow? Something new called "Light toy" or "Light Poi"

Woman strucked by Train

16 Views0 Comments

How to prevent a faceplant

10 Views0 Comments

Crossroad car crash

3 Views0 Comments

Ukraine Grandma Hangs On Her Dress

9 Views0 Comments

The 74-year-old Mariupol resident fell after she leaned too far over the balcony while yelling at street musicians

Hong Kong traffic crash

3 Views0 Comments

Container truck pushes and crushes the car

Laughing with the turkeys

16 Views0 Comments

Now we know where they get those laugh tracks for all the stupid sit-coms.

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