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Dog tries to go inside with a rake

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Where the hell is Matt? 2012

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He is dancing again! This time even in North-Korea

Parenting Fail at Laundry

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Paper plane throw win into the trash bin

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Best Paper plane throw win ever. Classic Video

BMX Fail again

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Hilarious football celebration fail

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Now this guy has celebrated to early

Barrel Lifting Like a Boss

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This guy is beast at the barrels

Canadian Road Rage

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Always be careful when youre riding your bike on a canadian road

Best of Fails Compilation May 2013 1/2

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Best of Fails Compilation Weeks 1 & 2 of May. Second part on Ultimo. Made by

Idiots at work – Unload a concrete tube

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How not to unload a concrete tube

Hot Turkish Moderator pass out

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During a live converence Seda Selek passes out suddenly. She said that she hadnt eat enough before the show. Action starts at: 0:35

Pigeon got Balls

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Swing knock out

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Boy accidantely knocks out friend with his feet.

Dumbest Scooter driver ever

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Darwin Awards Winner - 2013 Dumbest Funny Motorcycle Scooter Accident ever

Make your own solar panel

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Thats the solution :)

Epic Cat Jump

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Le Mans 2012 Crash

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Hardest crash of this year leMans.

Traffic Circle take Off

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Full Court Basketball Shot WIN

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Luck? or Skills?

Worst gunshot reaction acting ever

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Definitely the worst gunshot reaction acting ever. Actor: Raekwon

Idiot girl

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Smooth stair slide

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Coolest way to take the stairs

Jack overcoming a rail

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He has got a very own way to overcome a rail

Hilarious Screaming Sheep

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Funniest screaming Sheep i have ever seen. :)

Drunk Trash Faceplant

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Big daddy aka Patrick laughlin face plants trash can while being intoxicated to a whole new world!!!

Rope Swing fun Fail

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The Fail is funny, but the best of this Video is the laugh of the camera guy

Horror Ski Crash

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Old but Gold Ski Fail. Hermann Mayer Fails hard in nagano 1998. On the next day he won 2 Medals. Like a boss

Female Soldier Grenade Throw Fail

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female Chinese soldier fails throwing a grenade and almost blows herself up

Russian T-Bone Car Crash

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And suddenly there was a car on my lane

Driving in Europe TNL

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Cool new Compilation from TwisterNederland

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