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Meanwhile in Australia

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Wait for the awesomeness :) Deb 'Spoons' Perry Does The Black Keys

Special Effects done right

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This football goal celebration effects are done right ;)

Ninja Tiger

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Sneaking Level: Ninja Tiger

Drunk Guy vs. Slide Door

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This doors can be mean

2D Domino pyramid wall frustration

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To build a huge 2D Pyramid out of Dominos, you need a healty frustration tolerance.Good  training for Domino Day

Gifdump #2

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UK Ice Cream War

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Brazilian cops crashing smuggle plane

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Russian Dude 150m above the Ground

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Ice bear cracks underwater window with a stone

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Helicopter Crashes

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That was a bad intetninon...

Fat chick dance fail

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This made my day

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Couple Saves bear cubs trapped in a Dumpster

Worst sheep rescue ever

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Good guy helps sheep out of fence. But then something went damn wrong. The Sheep survives.

Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside

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Deer gets hit by bus, ends up inside the bus and can escape without being injured. Shocking and good at the same time.

Baby duck can’t stay awake

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This cute little baby duck tries hard not to fall asleep

Show off goes wrong

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Wooden magic machine

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Got a sense for magic?

Burger reviewer has really taken off – Songify

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Daym Drops offers a critique of the challenging salty, sweet, & umami flavors of a Five Guys cheeseburger Original Vid:

Picdump #5

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Photoshop masterclass

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Thats how to rule in photoshop

Traktor wheel loss

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Canadian Road Rage

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Always be careful when youre riding your bike on a canadian road

BMX Fail again

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The Hello Dog

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This dog  is a nice guy

Fail Compilation April 2013

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Best Fail Clips of April 2013 compiled by TNL

Gasexplosion in Graz

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On May 22, 2013, a gas explosion occurred at the top of the liners in Graz. No one was injured. Video by:

Kawasaki rider take off

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Shocking crash cought on dashcam. Kawasaki driver hits trailer of another car and takes off.

Kicked by a Horse

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Compilation of kicking horses

Zip Line Avatar Style

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Most awesome Zip Line Ride. Scenery looks like Pandora

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