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Classic: Nutcracker Bike Jump Fail

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Bad Video Quality but the bail is worth it. I dont know how this bike jump could turned out more painful

Hummer Party

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Hummer + Beach + Wodka + Russians = Epic

Classic: Mini fail compilation

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Cat scares seagull

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Seagull chills, cat thrills

Australian dude sets himself and his car on fire

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Never play with your lighter while tanking your car

Sexy Girl Skateboard drop

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Chick + Skateboard? The end is is obvious i think

Mario Balotelli drinking fail

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I thought he is tough enough for sports drinks

Amazing arching skills

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Even Legolas is jealous

Parenting Fail at Laundry

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Cyberjaya bus accident

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Idiot bus driver causes an big accident in Cyberjaya

Scooter Crash

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Insane Bridge Climbing in Russia

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NASA control room during touchdown of Curiosity

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Watch these epic moments . Landing at 2:30

Cool sneeze prank

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Funny palmflip fail

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Epic Cat Jump

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Massive Train Explosion

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Train with chemicals exploding. Looks like a scifi Movie

Useless Invention

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Why not just run o.O?

Massive Gas Plant Explosion in Mexico

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"INCREDIBLE vision has emerged from a natural gas pipeline explosion in Mexico that killed at least 26 people, showing just quickly the inferno ripped through the plant."

Football player knock outs

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There were two heavy football/soccer knock outs this week caught on video. All the players are alive so far ;)

UFO over Argentinia

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What the hell is this?

Idiots at work – Unload a concrete tube

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How not to unload a concrete tube

Picdump #16

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How to destroy a bike

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Dad Level: Over 9000!

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Awesome dad builds rollercoster for kid Dad of the day/week/month?

Cat with hat on bicycle

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This cat takes it to the next level

Crazy Koala Battle

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Two koalas are fighting, then one turns into a demon.

Stop! This is not a DVD

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ebay seller gets mad about his customers

My mind blew up

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this is number 16 of a video from 1988 20 things 2 make

Faildump August 2012 #1

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Here is the first Episode of "FAILDUMP". It will come 2 times every Month packed with the best fail and also some wins. Hope you enjoy it

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