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Shocking Chinese Truck Accident

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Huge Truck Loses Control And Crushes People! Terrifying...

Superfast Pitstop

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How come when i change my cars tires i have to wait like 3 hours?

Scooter Frontflip Fail

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Very cool trick ended with a broken leg

How not to impress a girl

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Beckham kicks Ball at injured player

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But somehow he cured him with his shot

Horrible Singapore Ferrari Taxi Crash at 180km/h

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Hot russian reporter fail

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Plane landing fail

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Plane landing goes very wrong. Plane flips over

Omelette – heartwaming animated shortfilm

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This supercute shortfilm focuses on how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love.

Lucky driver avoids crash

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This guy has got a bunch of luck and a very good reaction

Dashcam Crash Footage Collection

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Best Dashcam Crash Footage of the last Days

How to destroy a bike

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Cat with hat on bicycle

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This cat takes it to the next level

Stop! This is not a DVD

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ebay seller gets mad about his customers

Faildump August 2012 #1

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Here is the first Episode of "FAILDUMP". It will come 2 times every Month packed with the best fail and also some wins. Hope you enjoy it

Condom out of car

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Wait for it :)

Afro Surprise

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Classic: Two wheel car

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Hope he got it for the half price

Meanwhile in Germany

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Kd vs. Horse vs. Ostrich vs. Donkey

Swing knock out

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Boy accidantely knocks out friend with his feet.

The chicken Goat

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This crazy goat sounds like a chicken. Goats are so funny :)

Illegal U-Turn

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Taxi pulls illegal U-turn, instant justice

Frontal Car Crash in Russia

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Hard frontal car crash on a russian street. Amazingly nobody was hurt.

Girls and Hurdles Fail

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That's definitely not their best discipline.

Dashcam Car Crash of the Day

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Bumper Buddys. Action at 0:20

Fully Loaded Russian Truck

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When the russian army drops off

Dashcam Crash/Fail Compilation August 2012

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A new, Compilation from BailBlog. This time, the most crashing moments of August 2012. I hope you like it!

Horrible Mountain Rally Car Crash

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The driver (Jeremy Foley) just broke his leg! Crazy how stable this cars are.

Classic: Angriest kid ever

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He definitely wants to play Unreal Tournament. The angry kid today  

Hey! Pass me a beer

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Get your beer like a boss

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