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How not to impress a girl

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Slackline Fail

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Dude takes down a whole wall with this slackline fail

Beckham kicks Ball at injured player

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But somehow he cured him with his shot

Car crashes bike with 5 peoples

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Horrible Singapore Ferrari Taxi Crash at 180km/h

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Metal Overdose

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Metal singer suddenly passes out, and noone cares

Hot russian reporter fail

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Classic: Epic Downhill bike crash

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A bike crash we filmed at the Victorian Downhill State Series at Long Gully. One of the funniest bike crashes ever

Plane landing fail

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Plane landing goes very wrong. Plane flips over

Kite Surfer jumps over Whales

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Nice view there The whales are fine ;)

Omelette – heartwaming animated shortfilm

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This supercute shortfilm focuses on how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love.

Lucky driver avoids crash

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This guy has got a bunch of luck and a very good reaction

Insane Baseball Catch

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An insane catch by a center fielder.

Car Clips FailDump

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Best car Videos of the last week(s) more Links:

Shocking Chinese Truck Accident

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Huge Truck Loses Control And Crushes People! Terrifying...

Crazy Korean Music Video

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Gangnam Style! The viral Superhit by South Korean Artist PSY

Superfast Pitstop

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How come when i change my cars tires i have to wait like 3 hours?

Classic: Firetruck slams drunken guy

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Drunk guy falls off a bridge and gets hit by an firetruck in mid-air

Scooter Frontflip Fail

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Very cool trick ended with a broken leg

How to catch a fly with a straw

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That how you get rid of them :)

High speed snake attack

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Australian guy is driving more than 155mph with his bike, as suddenly a Stowaway snake attacks high speed snake attack

Epic Street Musician

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Please take my money! The song is Secrets by One Republic.

Paper plane throw win into the trash bin

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Best Paper plane throw win ever. Classic Video

Accidental Trick shot

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Basketball Trick shot fail

Baseball Catch Fail

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He did not catch the ball :/

Yamaha lowslide Crash

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Mulholland Motorcycle crash Sunday

Greatest/weirdest Frisbee Scene in a Movie

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Creepy panda scares kids

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Highway crash + reaction

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You can see the reaction of the car drivers. cool!

Golf Pro kills Simulator

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Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski joined Gary Williams destroys the Golf Simulator with a massive hit

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