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Downhill Bikepark Crash

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Over the edge and into the dirt

Parkour Belly flop

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I think the title says it all

How a real man takes a taser

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Police guy gets shot by a taser and screams like he got no balls anymore

Zip Line Avatar Style

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Most awesome Zip Line Ride. Scenery looks like Pandora

How low can you go

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Lowest Limbo ever

Litterally Car Crash

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And suddenly the street was full of paper

August 2012 Fail Compilation

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Some cool Fails of August 2012

Hell of a Cliff Jump

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An amazing cliff jump on the alps. Drop at 0:59 Matthias Giraud

German Referee drinking Fail

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Drinking out of modern bags can be tricky

Dashcam Car Crash of the Day

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Bumper Buddys. Action at 0:20

Wheele Fail

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Bike Fails never getting old

Cute Pomeranian Conga Dance

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Dog on a bike and some crazy Pomeranians doing a Conga Line

Idiot on the Highway

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Highway Fail of the day. Wait for it! Action at: 0:30

Air Slide on the Beach

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I would held this Air Slide down ;)

Wasteland Waterpark Skating

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Very nice Skate short Skate Film. This looks like Tony Hawks Ultra HD. The location is Lake Dolores Waterpark It's a waterpark in the Mojave desert.

Just a flying car

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I dont know how exactly this was possible, but it looks awesome

Giggling Bird

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Now thats a happy bird having a laugh

Woman walks off the subway platform

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A mother and her child fall off a subway platform in Boston and onto the tracks. A Good Samaritan saved them.

Water Light Graffiti

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Huge LED Wall + Water = Stunning and amazing illumiated Graffiti

Amazing Rube Goldberg Ball Machines

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This machines are so Pitagora Suichi

Chicken Police

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They have everything under control.

Train Cat

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Chilled cat on a toy train

Funny Voice

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The more he speaks, the funnier the voice gets :)

Taking the curve

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Looks like this biker has some problems with curves

Kid on bike eats it

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That damn mail box...

Dashcam Crash/Fail Compilation August 2012

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A new, Compilation from BailBlog. This time, the most crashing moments of August 2012. I hope you like it!

Ambulance vs. Scooter

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Ambulance sends Scooter driver Flying, What an irony...  

Kid Parcour Fail

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Wait for it.

Girls and Hurdles Fail

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That's definitely not their best discipline.

When Hammer Fails

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Funny moment during infantry military exercises

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